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We spent a weekend car camping at a family reunion gathering in the Duluth area.    It was fun to get together with cousins and family members we do not get to see that often.   We also had our first dip of the year in the big lake (Lake Superior), which was a very refreshing way to beat the heat.
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.....and after a couple days away we came home to this:
Garden goodness
.....plenty of garden goodness to keep me busy tomorrow morning!


This act of sharing photographs and ramblings of our daily life is a practice in gratitude that brings me joy.

I encourage you to reflect on the good in your life.

What are you grateful for today?


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Around here - 4
Around here - 4
Around here - 4
Around here - 4
Around here - 4
Around here - 4I just have to say it again.   It has been COLD, and the forecast calls for continued cold temps.      One report said - coldest EVER......nice.

I did get out a little bit, but I also was indoors for a good chunk of the past week, especially when factoring in all of the downtime I had recovering from being sick.   I am starting to get a little bit of cabin fever.

Saturday I went a little crazy with cooking and baking (cookies, bagels, calzones, a cake and cupcakes).  

I also took my knitting project off the needles (and finished a couple of books (Becoming and Where the Crawdad Sings.)

We will see what the weather brings this week, if we will be home with a school cancelation or if we will trudge through a full week of school in the cold.

I am looking for some good book recommendations or suggestions for easy knitting projects.   Shoot me an email or post a comment if you would be so inclined to share some ideas.

Have a good week!


Around Here - 3/18

Weekending - Megan Devine - 5 (1)

I am transitioning back into my running shoes.  Track started this week.  I am helping out this season again, assisting with the girl's team, being inspired and staying active with a group of strong and fun girls.

Weekending - Megan Devine - 5 (1)

The sap is running.  After a stretch of cold days that slowed the sap run down a bit, the weather warmed up enough late in the week for the sap to start running again.   This past weekend topped out around 50 degrees!  Tomorrow I will be collecting the sap from the weekend with my students, cooler weather may slow things down again this week.  We will have to see what I am able to get.  So far it has been a slow start.  I have only collected about 3 gallons from 9 taps.  I am hoping for close to 40 gallons before I need to pull the taps.  Time will tell.
Weekending - Megan Devine - 5 (1)

We are still enjoying the snow.  We have been spending our weekends at a nearby ski resort.  Both the alpine skiing and Nordic ski trails were a delight the last few days.  We have been having so much fun spending long stretches of time outdoors, getting exercise.  The sun and vitamin D has been revitalizing!

Giants Ridge with Sharon and Ron - 2Weekending - Megan Devine - 5 (1)From my corner of the world to yours, wishing you the best at the start of this new week!

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Feb 20 - 7
Feb 20 - 7
Feb 20 - 7
Feb 20 - 7
Feb 20 - 7
Feb 20 - 7 Feb 20 - 1
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Feb 20 - 4 (1)
Feb 20 - 4 (1)
Feb 20 - 4 (1)
Feb 20 - 4 (1)

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We had an extended break from school with the holiday weekend, which allowed for some extra time for some outdoor adventures.  

I enjoyed a long, solo hike on a familiar trail as well as a couple of ski outings with the kids.  Today we enjoyed getting out on the 10+ inches of new snow that we received on Sunday on our local cross-country ski trails.

We topped the weekend off with a hot chocolate date and some much needed down time at home.

I hope you had a chance to do some outdoor exploring this past weekend.  

Cheers to the week ahead!




It is looking like December again in the Northwoods.  This weekend I found opportunity for a nice hike on Saturday morning and for a ski Sunday afternoon.  As we are approaching the solstice, our daylight hours are diminishing, so getting out on weekends and seeing the sun, is something to be savored.


Soapcrafting - 2
Soapcrafting - 2

Soapcrafting - 1

When I was not tending to the responsibilities of home, I made time for some baking, reading, knitting and soap crafting.  

I have a busy week ahead, but I am working with intention to stay grounded as the hustle and bustle of the holiday season approaches.

I am happy that I was able to get a good dose of creativity, sunshine and fresh air this weekend.  I am grateful for these blessings.  

May your week ahead be grounded in purpose, balance, connection and joy!

North Shore Weekend

North Shore Camping - 5

North Shore Camping - 5

North Shore Camping - 5 North Shore Camping - 7
North Shore Camping - 7
North Shore Camping - 7

North Shore Camping - 10

North Shore Camping - 13
North Shore Camping - 13
North Shore Camping - 13
North Shore Camping - 13 North Shore Camping - 16
North Shore Camping - 22
North Shore Camping - 22

North Shore Camping - 25

North Shore Camping - 22
We started our summer by exploring the south shore of Lake Superior and we culminated our summer break with a weekend in Grand Marais, MN enjoying the North Shore.  .  We were able to relax, explore and get away together for one last hurrah before we start transitioning to going back to school We hope to get out on a few more adventures this fall, but with school and sports our travels are likely to slow down a bit.   It has been a wonderful summer, spending lots of time making memories with the kids and enjoying time out doors exploring new and familiar places.

A trip to the shore.....

North Shore

North Shore 1
North Shore 2

North Shore 3

North Shore 4

North Shore 5
North Shore 6
North Shore 7
North Shore 8
North Shore 9
North Shore 10

Sharing these snapshots from a recent visit to the North Shore of Lake Superior.    Every time we travel the winding road we are reminded just how very close this beautiful place is to where we live.   We hope to have frequent opportunity to wander this way for more family adventures.

Northwoods Mama Getaway



Girls Weekend

A week ago today I traveled just a little farther up the road, joining three of my great friends at a Northwoods women's retreat at Camp DuNord.  Over the weekend we spent a lot of time outdoors, we were fed great food, we jumped in the frozen lake after a sauna, we were pampered at a local spa had time to reconnect.

Oh what a wonderful experience it was!




On the trail


Wreath2 Baking

Peanut butter blossoms


::ski trails - solo and with my girl (the boys will be picking up their seasonal rental skis tomorrow!)

::the daddy kept himself busy splitting wood 

::the boys time playing outside on snowbanks and sledding down our driveway


::I took a wreath making class - I now have a new skill! It just so happens that we have balsams and cedars on our property....next year I plan on making more than one.

::we did some Christmas baking - and tasting!

Wishing you a good start to your week, from my little corner of the world to yours!



Around here....

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FullSizeRender 34


  • saying "good morning" with wild blueberry scones
  • meal prep for the week ahead 
  • a little bit of experimentation (dried tansy in a dye bath)

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FullSizeRender 29


  • A little bit of wandering - trying to soak up a little sunlight during this dark time of year.  We lost a lot of our snow during a stretch of rain last week.  Today we got a dusting over a layer of ice that has accumulated.  Temperatures are below freezing, so there is some hope that our lakes will start to freeze and we will gently transition into our true winter.

Wishing you a good start to your week, from my little corner of the world to yours!