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::Gift of the Heart


I recently had the opportunity to take Harriet Goodall's online workshop Gift of the Heart offered through Squam Art Workshops.

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I was lucky enough to have won a spot in the course through an opportunity on Squam's Facebook pageParticipating in this class was such a gift!  Harriet was able to convey such clear directions through the course of the online class, I was able to experience success on my first try!

...and my second:


I think I have just enough material to make one more small heart before I need to reorder some supplies, which I will be doing because I want to make more!  I am excited to start spreading some love and giving some of these beauties away for others to enjoy!

Taking this class has some extra special meaning in my life.  I was able to meet both Harriet and Elizabeth at my first Squam* a couple of years ago.  

I was able to witness and experience first hand the magic and inspiration that these gatherings are well known for.

Here are some pictures from my Squam experience September 2013:




...and yes....the heart!

And now I have my very own - and the skills and know-how to spread some love and beauty by giving gifts of the heart made by my own two hands inspired by the amazing creativity of Harriet and the mission and magic of Squam Art Workshops.

Thank you both Harriet & Elizabeth!

Find out more about this wonderful class in the video below:

Gift of the HEART :: with Harriet Goodall from Squam on Vimeo

*note - I reference my experience as my first Squam - because I am feeling the pull to go back again!