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Garden Notes 7/2- a photographic garden journal


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The garden is coming along!  

New this week:  green tomatoes and many blooming flowers.

 We welcomed also have been welcoming  the bunny into the garden for some fun, exercise and foraging.

*bunny notes:  When we adopted this bunny we really did not know much about him, I was told he may be part Angora rabbit - and he does have super-soft fiber that I have been collecting to spin in the future.  However, researching rabbits a bit more I am coming to the conclusion that he resembles an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit much more than an Angora rabbit.  Because he has been in a couple of homes during his life, we will probably never know or he very well could be some mix.  Regardless we are happy with his addition to the homestead and I am enjoying my first experience with a fiber animal.