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Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan Monday - 1 (1)Last week I shared some ramblings about my weekly chore and challenge of meal planning.   I know so many of you are in the same arena, trying to prepare nutritious weeknight meals that already before your kids fill up on after school snacks.  

My Sanity Saving Strategy for Weeknight Meals: Here's How

I had some good feedback from my last post, so I am going to continue to share my meal plan for the upcoming week so that you might get some inspirations - or better yet, maybe you can give me some good ideas!  (Thank you to those of you who posted comments or sent me an email last week!)

Here we go:

Monday:  Steak and Chicken Sheet Pan Fajitas with Spanish Rice

(inspired from Jo's comment on my last post and from this recipe feature that I wrote for Minnesota Parent magazine last April)

need:  peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, steak, Spanish rice mix

Tuesday:  Meatloaf Muffins,  Mashed Potatoes & Garden Green Beans

I am going to try an adaption of this highly rated recipe this week.  Using some of the herbs that I have dried and stored from our summer garden and some store bought pork/hamburger grind and some venison

need:   carrots, onion, pork/beef grind,  saltines, potatoes

Wednesday:   Pasta Bar

Twisting a recommendation for "pasta boats" from Jo's comment on my last post to a pasta bar idea.

need:  ham, mushrooms, bacon, broccoli, chicken, red sauce, alfredo sauce, broccoli, parmesan cheese, pesto, noodles

Thursday:   Crescent Bacon Breakfast Ring

Using up eggs is always a great option when we have laying hens.  I am going to try this recipe this week:

I have a great go-t0 recipe for homemade crescent dough from this book that I will use for the dough.

need:  eggs, bacon, green onions, peppers, cheese, crescent dough

Friday:   Mini Sub Sandwiches

need:  Sarah Lee Center Cut Hoagie Rolls, lunch meat, cheese, lettuce, and extras


I would love to hear what you are cooking too!  

Post a comment or shoot me an email.

Have a great week!


Meal Plan Monday

November - 1Meal planning is not my favorite thing to do.   

Our family eats a lot, more than the average anyway.   High metabolism combined with active, growing children make a chore out of planning and preparing enough food (without restocking at the grocery store several times a week).  

It is a daily challenge to prepare a nutritious meal that it is ready before my kids fill up on after school snacks.  I have shared some ramblings on this topic in this piece I wrote for

My Sanity Saving Strategy for Weeknight Meals: Here's How

I know you may be facing similar challenges so I thought I might as well start sharing a little bit about what I will be cooking at our house from week to week, so that you could get some inspiration - or better yet maybe you can give me some good ideas!

Here's what I am planning on cooking this week:

Monday:  Rice Bowls

brown rice, a can of chili beans, pan fried steak strips, lettuce, cilantro, guacamole, tomato, cheese & chips

Tuesday:  Burgers & Salad

frozen chicken burgers, frozen turkey burgers, buns, pickles, & green salad

Wednesday:   Pasta & Salad

rigatoni noodles, crumbled Italian sausage, parmesan cheese, garden pasta sauce, frozen breadsticks, & green salad

Thursday:   Fish Tacos

baked Alaskan cod fish, tortilla wraps, coleslaw, & tomatoes

Friday:   Fried Rice

brown rice, frozen peas and carrots, scrambled eggs, orange chicken, & cream cheese wontons


I would love to hear what you are cooking too!