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Around here - 1
Around here - 1The bears are out of hibernation.   I woke up to this guy the other day (we named him Fuzzy).  Last night he visited too.   Hoping that he is tempted away from the homestead with some other food options soon.
Around here - 1The blueberry plants are blooming.  We found the opportunity to share our backwoods in this beautiful place in which we live with some family members this weekend as we celebrated our son's first communion.  During one of our hikes, I was pleased to find some blossoms on some blueberry bushes.
Around here - 1The suckers are starting to run.  The kids found one or two today, soon they will be running farther up our creek, a sure sign of spring.
Around here - 1
Around here - 1My family made me feel special with cards, a gift, handmade items and a lovely dinner that we shared outdoors to celebrate Mother's Day.

It was a lovely weekend!

Holiday Snapshots

Christmas - 13

Christmas - 13 

Christmas - 13

Christmas - 13

Christmas - 1 (1)

Christmas - 6

Christmas - 6 

Christmas - 49

Oh what fun.....

Our Christmas was a little here and there as we shared a gift of an experience with our children this year.  After a morning hike and ski we took to the road and spent the night in a hotel in Duluth.  We were able to experience Bentleyville and some time jumping around at Planet 3 Trampoline Park.   After that and a couple of meals out, we did some shopping and restocking and are now back home ready to enjoy some unstructured time at home for the rest of our Christmas break, which will likely involve time indoors as we are waking up to sub-zero temps.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 8.22.37 AMWe'll make the most of it!


Around Here...

Fall collage
The colors are reflecting the change in the seasons from summer to fall.  Our weather has been rather extreme, hot and humid one day, then cold and rainy another.  



The garden is producing.  We have had a stretch of warm and humid days which has helped to ripen tomatoes.  I have never has so many ripe tomatoes in the fall!  I have been busy canning tomatoes and making and canning salsa to line our pantry shelves for our family to enjoy.

IMG_0328The bees are hanging in there.  The nectar flow has pretty much ceased in our neck of the woods.  The warm weather has kept the bees active, but hungry.  I made a sloppy candy board with a pollen patty and consolidated the bees into one super recently as I start to prepare and transition them with hope that this colony will make it through our long winter ahead.

Other happenings:

We are keeping busy following our children in their athletic endeavors.  Fall extra curricular include cross-country running, a kids marathon race and flag football.

RaceI ran too!   I returned to the running scene and completed a local half marathon after having a competition hiatus for the last 13 or so years.  It felt good to accomplish this goal.

BdaySince I have last posted we have also celebrated this special boy's 8th birthday!  


Oh how our life is rich and full!  This mindful practice of reflecting upon still images serves as a reminder of all of the beauty in my life, especially on difficult days. This simple practice fills me with gratitude and evokes feelings of joy and love.   I invite you to play along.





Fourteen years ago we got married.  

Neither of us could have ever dreamed where our journey together as husband and wife would have lead us to this present day.

Having this man by my side has been a blessing - I love you James - Cheers to many more years together!




What a weekend!  

We now have a seven year-old in the house!  We celebrated his special day with lots of fun.  This year we had a party where we helped (15) kids make marshmallow shooters.  After they were all assembled, the kids had a blast running around the yard playing.  Afterwards the chickens -and German Shepherd- feasted on marshmallowy treats.   




We were gifted a wish lantern and our 7-year old had a magical finale to his birthday, sending a wish up into the night sky.


We spent some time out on local lakes.  I went paddle boarding with the birthday boy and the others went fishing with the daddy.  Four out of the six of us went for our final swim of the season - jumping into the cold waters.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 7.22.44 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 7.22.26 PMI was also able to carve a little time to myself.  I made another batch of soap, this time calendula with a vanilla undertone.  I also was able to enjoy some time solo out in the woods on my favorite hike.



 We sure made the most of these two weekend days!