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It sure feels like Spring in my kindergarten class!   We are reading Charlotte's Web, we have a windowsill full of plants, we have a bunny running around the classroom - and - we have chicks hatching!  So far four chicks have hatched -Lola, Chirp, Paul and Fluffers.  I posted some videos to my instagram account if you want to see them in action.  I LOVE sharing these fun experiences with the children in my life!

a hairy deal


He's here, the much anticipated bunny that will be joining me in my kindergarten class!

He is an extremely lovable, gentle,  six week old fuzzy lop.

The whole story:  Sad but true - I started the school year with our bunny "Checker" who had an unfortunate end of his life last month.   He was a great addition to our homestead in the summer months and he proved to be a wonderful addition to my classroom - offering companionship and opportunity to learn about bunny care and animal fiber.   After Checker's passing I was seeking the perfect bunny to adopt via Craigslist and found an available fuzzy lop, but it was quite a distance away.  As it turns out the seller's husband had roots in our hometown and was coming up in our direction this past week.  She volunteered her husband to deliver him late Thursday night as he was passing through town on his way to his deer camp a few miles North.

The anticipation:  My kindergarten students and I have been most excited for this new addition.  I have pretty much claimed bunny responsibility in our family and I have enjoyed the experience of harvesting and spinning bunny fiber.  In kindergarten we have turned the unfortunate experience of loosing our class pet into a learning experience, researching different bunnies and counting the days until our new bunny arrival on our classroom calendar.  Over the weekend I sent my students off with the 'homework' to come up with three potential bunny names.

The exchange:  The bunny was scheduled to arrive Thursday night around 8:00 p.m.  We had a meeting spot in town and I got there a couple of minutes early.  As I was waiting in the parking lot I noticed one law enforcement vehicle pull up in a space not too far away, then another, then one more - all idling and seemingly watching my vehicle while I was waiting for a red pickup to pull by with my class pet.  When the red pick up pulled next to my vehicle and I got to meet this adorable bunny for the first time all we could do was laugh when the police approached us with flashlights in hand, investigating what we were up to.  I put my hands in the air and expressed to the officers that I was merely a "kindergarten teacher getting a class bunny!"  It made for a humorous and eventful welcome for this bunny into my care, a hairy deal none the less!