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I have been harvesting fiber from our bunny "Checker" since we got him late last Spring.  Today I put a new spool on my spinning wheel and started spinning some super-soft bunny yarn!

This afternoon I carved out just enough time to spin about half of what I have been collecting so far.  My plan is to add to this spool until I have a usable amount, then dye it and knit it into something simple and functional like a hat, shawl or scarf.

It is great to have hobbies like this to lean into on cold and rainy afternoons, and it is ever so meaningful to have the fiber sourced from our own little fiber bunny.

Garden Notes 7/2- a photographic garden journal


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The garden is coming along!  

New this week:  green tomatoes and many blooming flowers.

 We welcomed also have been welcoming  the bunny into the garden for some fun, exercise and foraging.

*bunny notes:  When we adopted this bunny we really did not know much about him, I was told he may be part Angora rabbit - and he does have super-soft fiber that I have been collecting to spin in the future.  However, researching rabbits a bit more I am coming to the conclusion that he resembles an American Fuzzy Lop rabbit much more than an Angora rabbit.  Because he has been in a couple of homes during his life, we will probably never know or he very well could be some mix.  Regardless we are happy with his addition to the homestead and I am enjoying my first experience with a fiber animal.

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We are enjoying our bunny "Checker."  Tending to him is easy.  He spends most of his time outdoors in his coop, we do take him in for frequent snuggles - sometimes accompanying us during our evening story times.  On a recent grooming we even able to harvest a little bit of fiber from this little guy, which I am collecting in my fiber bin for future use with plans to spin it into yarn.

He is proving to be a great addition to the homestead. 

Garden notes 5/11 -a photographic garden journal

I am going to try to record, document and share snapshots of our garden this year.


Here's our starting point!   Not too exciting, but I am happy to be digging in the dirt again.


We have a little garden neighbor - our angora bunny, who has been dubbed "Checker."  He was hopping all around today, excited with a little company (the mama digging in the dirt and four crazy kids in the backyard playing on the swing set).IMG_9460

We still have our girls.  I am still waiting on a hatch in my kindergarten classroom.  But we will be holding steady with this batch of layers this year.


I have two nucs of bees on order, but right now they are somewhere warmer than here - which is just fine.  I am eager to plant, but as  it is currently snowing, I am content keeping all of our seedlings indoors.

Cheers to the start of a new garden season!