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Rainy Day Project: Make Fire Starters

Fire Starters - 1 (1)It was a rainy morning in my neck of the woods, so the boys and I got to work indoors making a large batch of fire starters.

Use fire starters to help start our wood stove and for campfires on camping trips.  

Over the years I have both purchased and made different kinds of fire starters, this year I was inspired by a tutorial in ISSUE 25::HEARTH of Taproot Magazine which used cupcake liners,  wax and topped with a piece of pine.

For our version we used:

*one great option for the wax in fire starters is to use old candles.  I chose to purchase wax this time around, which added to the expense of the project - but made it easy to complete in a few hours.

Fire Starters - 3

The process is simple:

Melt the wax, add essential oils  *don't walk away from your wax - it is very combustable, especially with the addition of oils and the good potential for drips and spills

Fill a muffin tin with parchment cupcake liners.

Fill cupcake liners with a good amount of shredded paper, top with pine.

Pour melted wax to saturate shredded paper and pine.

Let cool.  *I cooled mine in the fridge between batches to speed up the cooling.

Fire Starters - 4

We certainly made a mess, but it was easy enough to clean up.  And, now our house is smelling great (due to the cedarwood essential oil I added to the wax) and we now have over 75 fire starters ready to go.Fire Starters - 5

If you give this project a try I would love to hear how it worked out for you!