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Friday Fave - Keen Sandals

Happy Friday Friends!

Here's my "Friday Fave,"a series highlighting fun and interesting things (products, experiences and/or ideas) that I would recommend to others.

Because we are peak of the summer season, I thought it would be relevant to share some more recommendations for tried and true summer fun gear and accessories that make experiences outdoors a little more comfortable.

This week I am highlighting;

 Keen Footwear

Keen Footwear - 1------

In our house our doorway hallway is lined with all different sizes and styles of  Keen Footwear.   We have Newports, Rose Sandals, and Bali's.  

My husband has Keen Steel Toe Workboots  and I wear women's Keen dress shoes as a teacher at my school

If you are looking for a great brand of shoes that are multi-functional, sturdy and comfortable I am sure you could find a pair of shoes or sandals from Keen Footwear that would work for you!

Keen Footwear - 1 (1)


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