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Around Here August - 1
Around Here August - 1
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We are making the most of our last few weeks of summer.  Yesterday we finally got the whole crew out for an afternoon tubing and waterskiing on Burntside Lake.      This is something we had done almost weekly in years past, but as our kids are getting bigger and busier it has been more of a challenge to find the time.  But yesterday we made it a priority.   We pulled the kids behind the boat in tubes and three of us all got up on waterskis.   It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon together.

Around Here August - 5Around Here...

The garden is producing and I am doing my best to keep up.   We got our first red tomato and we're still getting a lot of cucumbers.   So far I have put up dilly beans, pickled beets, sweet pickles and two batches of dill pickles using recipes from my dog eared, vinegar stained, go-to book for canning:  Putting Food By.

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Around Here August - 1 (1)Around Here...

I have been sporting my running shoes.   I have been helping out with the cross country team and also challenging myself to some longer runs in preparation for a local half-marathon this September.   I really enjoy this challenge and also the opportunity to work with and help out with a great group of hard working teenagers on the cross country team.  And, it feels good to keep strong.


This act of sharing photographs and ramblings of our daily life is a practice in gratitude that brings me joy.

I encourage you to reflect on the good in your life.

What are you grateful for today?