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Friday Fave: I Love Birds!

Happy Friday Friends!

Here's my "Friday Fave,"a series highlighting fun and interesting things (products, experiences and/or ideas) that I would recommend to others.

Here's what I am digging this week:   

I Love Birds!: 52 Ways to Wonder, Wander, and Explore Birds with Kids71aAV4vDOtL._AC_UL872_QL65_

I Love Birds! is full of activities, information, and rich resources that will fuel discovery and inspire families. Through sensory, hands-on, and creative explorations that involve birding basics and the hows and whys of bird behavior, the activities here will engage children’s imagination and sense of wonder as they observe birds in the wild, become citizen scientists, and forge a deeper understanding, appreciation, and stewardship toward nature, our planet, and all things feathery.


Earlier this week the boys and I tried out one of the activities in the book and created a "nest helper ball" to aid birds in finding nesting materials.   We followed the instructions in the book and hung the ball in a tree outside of our window by our bird feeder. 

IMG_4505I Love Birds! includes 51 other seasonal activities like this geared for families with children ages 4-8.  

Click HERE to read a feature about the book on the Roost Books website.


You can also download a special I Love Birds! poster here.


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