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Friday Fave - Defunkify

Happy Friday Friends!

Here's my "Friday Fave,"a series highlighting fun and interesting things (products, experiences and/or ideas) that I would recommend to others.

Here's what I am digging this week:   

Defunkify Products

S_s9xP6gLong story short, I was looking for something to help offset some of the stink associated with an active household of six.

And this stuff works.

Defunkify Active Spray contains water, essential oils (peppermint & rosemary), and ionic silver.  It is designed to stop “the enzymatic reaction that causes odors.”    

Defunkify Active WASH Powder Laundry Detergent uses plant based enzymes to break down and clean odors and stains from active wear.   It works great and is unscented.

Check out their product line--->here


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