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Around Here

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Around Here.....

We are waking up to cold temperatures.   But, we are keeping warm indoors with hot coffee and a roaring wood stove.    Our typical outdoor activities (skiing and snowboarding) will be hampered today forcing us to slow down, just a bit.   Which, we all need once in a while.

Outside - 1
Outside - 3
Over the last few months we have been having so much fun skiing and snowboarding as a family.   Our teenage daughter is getting busier with races and training schedules, so when we at "The Ridge" it has mostly been with our three boys. I am hanging on to this fun stage of parenting where they enjoy spending a full day on the slopes with their mom.

Outside - 1 (1)Around Here....

We have been loving our sauna.   It is becoming a typical pattern to come home from school and work and retreat to our sauna after dinner and housework and homework is complete.   We are finding this such a valued addition to our homestead, one that is contributing to both our family's health and happiness.


This act of sharing photographs and ramblings of our daily life is a practice in gratitude that brings me joy.

I encourage you to reflect on the good in your life.

What are you grateful for today?