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Around Here....

IMG_3139Around Here....

This mama has been out of commission.  Monday I got hit hard with a sore throat, fever, aches and exhaustion that overtook me through today.    

While I have been awake I have been resting and fueling my body with hot tea with raw honey and chicken noodle soup.

Today I went in to the doctor today to rule out influenza, worried mostly about the possibility of infecting my young students and family.     After FOUR days of rest I am finally able to sit up and participate in life a bit.  

Relieved that the influenza test came back negative,  I plan to give it a go in kindergarten tomorrow (braving forecasted -35 to -45 below zero windchills).    It has been a challenge lesson planning and being a mom while sick.  I am ready to get back into the routine.

Going through  experiences like this make me truly experience health.

Stay well friends!