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We have been on skis almost everyday.  Our daughter started practice with the nordic ski team and the boys and are also spending some time together on the trails after school.  

Our oldest son (11) tried skate skiing for the first time last Friday, he picked the technique up very quickly and is enjoying the speed associated with this style of skiing.  The other two younger boys are impressing me with their endurance, so we are already able to go a litter farther together.

The weekend held opportunity for some outings with more daylight.  It feels good to transition from running to skiing and too to have something different and fun with the change of the weather.

Gifts that Give FairAround here...

Our family participated in a community Gifts that Give fair that was coordinated by our church.  At the event there were tables set up by various community groups where you could buy holiday gifts or make donations to support different programs in our community and others in need around the world.  It was great to have all of our children involved.


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My eldest two and I are back in the grove of guitar lessons.   The past several winters we have had Nick (pictured above) come to our home to share the gift of music with our family.   Now he is getting busier with his own musical career, performing at more and more venues with his band Van and the Free Candies.   Because of this, we had to go in a different direction for lessons.   To make it work best with our schedules we went with an online option:   So far, it has been working for us.   And, this mama is participating as well!  I am developing finger calluses once again, practicing and learning new skills alongside my two oldest children.   We are trying to do a new lesson/activity once a week, with time to practice in between.  It is not quite the same as having Nick come into our home, but I am grateful for the time and experiences he shared with the kids and happy that we have found a way that works for us to move forward in developing our guitar skills.



This act of sharing photographs and ramblings of our daily life is a practice in gratitude that brings me joy.

I encourage you to reflect on the good in your life.

What are you grateful for today?