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Minnesota Parent Column - October

Around Here....

October - 1 (1)

Around here...

We have been soaking up the bounty of the early fall harvest.  We had our first hard frost this past weekend, which concluded the tomato harvest and altered the landscape of my garden.  Early Sunday  morning my kids helped me harvest our garden pumpkins and completed the job of pulling the wilted vines and leaves out of the garden.  

I will be bringing several of these pumpkins into school to share with my kindergarten students and using the rest at home with my own kids.   Likely using the pumpkins for some of these recipes in the upcoming weeks that I highlighted in a post on

October - 2 (1)
October - 2 (1)
October - 2 (1)
October - 2 (1)
October - 2 (1)Around here...

The fall colors are starting to appear!  I enjoyed a beautiful trail run with my canine companion Sunday afternoon.  Speaking of running - I am proud to share that I completed a local half marathon this past weekend.  I have been working hard, in my efforts to run back into health, and I met and exceeded a personal goal on this race.  I am continuing to keep self-care and fitness a priority in my life and it is making a positive difference in my overall well-being.

October - 1 (4)Around here...

My husband James has been making amazing progress on our sauna building!  The kids have been helping too and are learning a lot in the progress of helping out.   This building is going to be a fun and purposeful addition to our homestead.   We are hoping to have the sauna portion functional by wintertime!