Minnesota Parent - School Days - September
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We celebrated the last weekend of summer vacation at the lake.  Although it was cooler, the kids had no problem jumping in the water, for what may be their last lake swim of the season (although time will tell).  We participated in several special activities that were part of the weekend festivities, including an arrowhead hunt, a 5K and an ice cream social.   In the race I had a hard time keeping up with this 11 year old, who pounded out 3 miles in 22 minutes plus change!  It is a privilege to be raising young athletes - and this mama is doing what she can to stay fit to enjoy activities like this with them.

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I was able to enjoy these beautiful views on a 7 mile trail run this morning.   I have a half-marathon race coming up in a couple of weeks and I am favoring the trails to the pavement on longer runs, especially with the opportunity to spend some time with my canine companion out on beautiful local trails.   Around here - 2 (1)
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We celebrated the last day of summer vacation with a feast of walleye cakes. We also spent some time paging through our photo books from the memories that we created on our trip out west and our weeklong camping trip in Voyager's National Park. We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to make these memories together, plus all of the others we have made this past summer.    Around here - 6
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It's time!  5 out of the 6 of us are transitioning back into the routines of school - tomorrow!   We are all excited and a little bit nervous.   If you or your children are in the same situation, I wish you the best!  Cheers to a new school year!  May it be one that encompasses purpose, balance, connection and joy!