A weekend away....
On the Slopes.....(and lunch).

It's Maple Syrup Season!

Maple Syrup Season - 5

Maple Syrup Season - 5
Maple Syrup Season - 5
Maple Syrup Season - 5
Maple Syrup Season - 5
After a weeklong stretch of temperatures below freezing at night and above freezing during the daytime, I felt the time was right for the sap to start to run.  And I was right!

I have been tapping trees and collecting sap to make maple syrup with my students and my own children for several years now.  Each year I am learning more and more, and I am becoming more mindful of the conditions that produce this pocket season, which I look forward to near the end of our long dark winters here in northern Minnesota.

I think this season, just may be a good one.  The buds are tight on the trees and the extended forecast looks favorable.  Time will tell, but I am happy to have started the process, sharing this annual experience with my children.  I also look forward to sharing this experience with my students at school next week.

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