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Wreath making

Wreathmaking - 2

Wreathmaking - 2

Wreathmaking - 2
Wreathmaking - 6
Wreathmaking - 6
Wreathmaking - 6 Wreathmaking - 8
Wreathmaking - 9 Wreathmaking - 10I carved out an hour of my Sunday afternoon for a little bit of woodland crafting.  Last year I took a class at our local folk school where I learned how to make an evergreen wreath and I went home with some additional supplies so I could make some this year as well.   This afternoon I had a helpful companion who helped me gather some pine and cedar boughs and who helped me to assemble a couple of wreaths.   This along with a nice long hike, some knitting and reading, made for a perfect afternoon.  

Now, to get ready for the week ahead....

Have a great week!

Kindness Elves Christmas Tradition (plus a giveaway!)

IMG_0742 2This school year I have started a new Christmas tradition in my kindergarten classroom: visits from The Kindness Elves.

The tradition of The Kindness Elves is a positive twist on the popular "Elf on the Shelf" idea.  Visits from  The Kindness Elves place a focus on positive, character-building activities for kids, teaching love, kindness and gratitude - exactly what I want to focus on most during the Christmas season with all of the children in my life.  

Inspired by Anna, fellow mama blogger at The Imagination Tree, a set of elves made their way into my classroom making their first visit this past week, exciting my kindergarteners with inspiration and guidance for kind thoughts and actions.

The Kindness Elves, who in my classroom are named "Kit" & "Jory" are planning on visiting my students each Tuesday during our class morning meeting time.  I will be working with them and my kiddos on projects and activities focusing on spreading acts of kindness in our classroom, school, community and homes.  



This am excited to start this new tradition in my classroom and I am even happier to share this giveaway:

In partnership with Anna at the Imagination Tree and I have an opportunity to give away one Kindness Elves set to a lucky reader.

To enter to win, simply leave a comment on this post.   If your comment is selected by the random number generator, you'll win!  Giveaway ends 11/26/16 5:00 p.m. CST

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Just make sure, whatever you do, that you come back here and leave a comment letting me know how you shared.  

Good luck!


comments closed - the winner is shirley!

thanks for playing along

Taproot Magazine :: Retreat to the Sauna

Taproot Rest - Megan Devine - 1 Taproot Rest - Megan Devine - 2
Taproot Rest - Megan Devine - 3Yesterday afternoon I received my copy of Taproot Magazine - Issue 24 :: REST.   After much anticipation I was able to see the article I wrote months ago, Retreat to the Sauna, in print and hold the product of my contribution to this lovely magazine in my own hands.  

As a writer, the experience of turning an idea into word, and then sending it off for publication is a fun process that I am grateful that I am able to experience quite frequently with my column in Minnesota Parent Magazine, my experiences writing for and my contributions to Taproot Magazine.  

Writing for magazines is a creative outlet that I thoroughly enjoy. Thoughts and ideas formulate in my mind, then are transferred thoughtfully and intentionally to words in print on my computer screen.   My completed articles are then sent to my editors, who polish my words, and graphic designers who complement my writing with photographs, working their magic with the layout on the pages.   When all is ready the magazines are published and sent out into the world for others to read.   When I pull up to my rural mailbox and receive a magazine that includes my contribution, I always get a rush of excitement and a feeling of joy and accomplishment.  

Writing for Taproot Magazine is a certain kind of special.  I hope you find opportunity to get your hands on a copy and read the article that I wrote highlighting my experiences with this cultural tradition that is so familiar in the area in which I live.

Here are just a few more pictures that I took for the article that did not make it to print that add more dimension and perspective to the story:

Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 2

Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 2

Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 7
Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 7
Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 7

Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 10
Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 10

Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 4
Sauna Pics - Megan Devine - 4
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As always, thanks for reading!

First Ski

First ski 2

First ski 3

First ski 2
First ski 2
First ski 5
Winter weather is here!  The boys and I found opportunity to go out for our first ski of the season this past weekend.   Bracing for a long winter, we are ready with our gear and activities that help get us through.   It was fun to get out this weekend!

Minnesota Parent Magazine - School Days - November

MNP 1117 CoverThe November issue of Minnesota Parent Magazine is available throughout Minnesota and online now.  

My School Days Column this month is titled "Choosing Your Path," some ramblings about who I am with intent and encouragement for others to take authentic, creative risks.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 5.07.51 AM
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As always - thanks for reading!



Soap Crafting - 1

I spent time packaging the soap I have made so far this fall:  Lemongrass Cedar-wood, Gardener's Soap on a Rope and Lavender Calendula.

Kitten Kitten 2 - 1
We welcomed this little peanut into our family this weekend.  Meet our new kitty "Cedar."


 Deer Hunting 2

Deer hunting - 1The boys harvested a deer from our backwoods.  James is passing down this skill and tradition to our children.  We are happy and grateful for a successful hunt.

Deer Hunting 3

Deer Hunting 4

We had a productive and exciting weekend!