Summer Fun!
This is the way I love to do summer.

In my garden - mid July

7-13 - 4
7-13 - 2

7-13 - 2
7-13 - 2
7-13 - 77-13 - 7Summer is being shy in my neck of the woods.  We have had a long stretch of rain and dreary days, but I am trying to focus on the positives.  Today I took a slippery hike up the ridge behind my house to pick some berries, then wandered around my garden checking out the progress.  I found some berries as well as green tomatoes, herbs that were ready to be harvested and dried, and promises of raspberries, beets and carrots.  In my wanderings I also found happy chickens and a tribe of small boys.

Lots of good things.   

I hope you found some sunshine in your day today!