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inside my beehive - August








I spent a little time with my friends the bees late this afternoon, investigating their progress for the month of August.  I found lots of healthy bees!  

This particular hive is pretty frisky.  I try to emanate a sense of calm, but these bees tend to get aggravated easily and they show it by swarming around my head and face and hitting up against my large groups.  

So today's investigation was pretty quick, I just pulled out some frames from the top super, took some snapshots, then retreated to my garage armed with my smoker and bee suit.  My plan is to keep the honey in the hive for the bees going into the winter and we will see if they make it through.  I will probably check on them again at the end of September before I bundle them up for the winter. 

I will keep you posted on the progress!